The Hideout at Dalva

by knangle on June 24, 2010

Working with Erik Reichborn on a video spot for The Hideout, a secluded addition to his San Francisco Mission bar Dalva, was a lot of fun. Erick did the build out himself and we think he did a pretty good job! Here at SF Spots we’re not big on shouting our conversations, so this is exactly the kind of place we’ll be ducking into after a show at the Roxie.

Since this spot is strictly for the web and not for TV broadcast, we got away without having to light the space. And man was it dark! Sexy, but dark. Our fabulous 5D mark ii and fast Leica primes saved the day! If you’ve done the work to create a custom environment like The Hideout, we can capture if for you without altering the look or imposing a lighting budget.

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